This Technology located in the following Hospitals:

  • Mouwasat Hospital Khobar


The Da Vinci Surgical System is the first robotic surgical technology in the Eastern region at Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Al Khobar.


It involves highly qualified Saudi and European professionals. This cutting-edge technology operates through four arms equipped with surgical tools and high-definition cameras, controlled remotely by the surgeon through a console displaying comprehensive and precise data about the targeted area.

Developed by Intuitive, a leading company in surgical robotics.


This FDA-approved technology offers several advantages:

  • The surgeon sits in front of a control screen displaying all operation details, providing clearer visibility. The robotic arms enable easy access to intricate areas compared to the human hand.
  • Incisions in robotic surgeries are significantly smaller than traditional surgeries, resulting in smaller and less noticeable scars.
  • Reduced need for blood transfusion during the procedure.
  • Extremely short recovery periods.


The Da Vinci Surgical System is employed in various specialties, including:

  • Oncology.
  • Urology.
  • general surgery.
  • colorectal diseases.
  • gynecological conditions.
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