This Technology located in the following Hospitals:

  • Mouwasat Hospital Dammam


In line with its commitment to provide healthcare services  using modern medical technologies, Mouwasat Hospital at Al-Dammam acquired movable O-ARM equipment for Excellence Neurosurgery Center.

O-ARM is a movable equipment for 3D scanning for the spinal surgeries providing the neurosurgeons with 3D detailed images within one minute and assisting in preserving the tissues during the surgical operation.


O-ARM equipment features include:

  • It improves the operation results.
  • It minimizes the complications.
  • It helps the medical team in achieving positive results and not undergoing surgical operations in the future.


Results obtained from O-ARM equipment:

  • It provides 3-D images.
  • Technology can be used post-operation to confirm the operation results and prior-operation before the patient departs the operations room.


“At Mouwasat Hospitals, this type of modern technologies is used to increase the success chances of the surgical operations and minimizing the complications during the operation”

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