The Mouwasat Group first follows the philosophy of the patient. The vision of the group and its mission is focused on the patient and puts their interest at the top of the group's priorities. The group’s goal is to provide a seamless experience for the patient from the beginning of the journey towards treatment to complete recovery. It takes every step seriously from the small details of receiving visitors, waiting rooms, and surrounding views, to patient rooms and cooking facilities, to the end of the operating theatres, equipment, and the recruitment of competencies for various specialties.


Building on our belief in the right of all people to quality healthcare, we combine cutting-edge technology and medical techniques that have proven themselves both in theory and clinical practice, with the best practices in the medical field and in close collaboration with local and international medical organizations to provide excellent health centers both inside and outside the Kingdom.


Providing our clients with sustainable, first-class medical services of the highest quality, with a constant commitment to continuously improve our medical services and to improve the skills and expertise of our employees, taking into account the desired future based on innovation and team spirit.


The hospital adopts values ​​and ethical principles that guide us in fulfilling our mission and determines how we work in our organization.

  •  Excellence: through quality, patient care, and resource development.
  •  Ethics: integrity, honesty, honor, privacy, and confidentiality.
  •  Principles: trust and respect for the individual.
  •  Working in a team: working cooperatively to achieve goals.
  •  Responsibility: loyalty and commitment.
  •  Safety: commitment to patient and environmental safety.
  •  Responsibility: effective work and financial responsibility.
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