Stroke Unit

Centers located in the following hospitals:

  • Mouwasat Hospital Dammam

In continuation of the plan of Mouwasat Medical Services Company is keen to develop all the  medical services and to improve the patient experience, the Stroke Unit was launched in Mouwasat Hospital Dammam, which is the first of its kind in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the unit works to diagnose and treat stroke in a record time in line with the international medical practices.

The stroke unit has been operational since the beginning of the year 2021, where it was equipped with an advanced system that connects all radiology equipment with the latest treatment practices using artificial intelligence (RAID AI) to support and perform early diagnosis of stroke around the clock. In addition to that, treatment techniques were activated using the TELESTROKE system to support the diagnosis and treatment of stroke within the group of Mouwasat hospitals across the Kingdom.

Based on our keenness to provide high quality medical services, all protocols have been prepared in accordance with the latest international treatment standards and the recommendations of the American Stroke Association.

The company has put in place all the efforts related to the continuous training of the staff, starting from paramedics, nursing, emergency physicians, neurologists and intensive care doctors.

The unit is managed by a qualified and trained medical staff in the largest specialized international medical centers and consists of:

  • Five Neurology Consultants
  • Neurosurgery Consultants
  • Three Neurology Specialists
  • Three Consultants in Cerebral Catheterization
  • Intensive Care Consultants

The patient is treated in a specialized unit which includes six dedicated beds for critical cases and equipped to perform the urgent dissolution of the stroke. This unit is located in the intensive care unit (B) and is managed by a qualified medical staff specialized in the treatment of such cases.

The unit operates around the clock, seven days a week and supported by a qualified and trained nursing team at the highest levels who holds international certificates accredited by the European Stroke Organization in the treatment of strokes and cerebral hemorrhages.

It is worth mentioning that the patient undergoes an integrated rehabilitation program from the moment of admission till the discharge and is required to follow up in specialized outpatient clinics, starting with speech therapy, swallowing problems, physical and occupational therapy under the supervision of the highest medical and professional support team using the latest equipment in the integrated rehabilitation care unit for stroke patients. This comes as part of Mouwasat Medical Services Company efforts to attract specialized medical staff to support the stroke unit.

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