This Technology located in the following Hospitals:

  • Mouwasat Hospital Khobar


Photon Scanning Microscopy is the latest hybrid (nuclear and sectional device) and operates more than 300 types of imaging.


Use cases of Photon Scanning Microscopy:

  • Heart diseases.
  • Brain and nerve diseases.
  • Respiratory diseases.
  • Diseases of digestive system.
  • Diseases of urinary system.
  • Diseases of bones and joints.
  • Diseases of increased thyroid gland release and thyroid gland tumors.


How does Photon Scanning Microscopy work?

The nuclear material is made by IV drip in arm or in mouth. Then, the body is scanned by single photon scanning microscopy and outputs an image for the organ.


Characteristics of Photon Scanning Microscopy:

  • It is characterized by modern and high quality technology.
  • It outputs sectional image and nuclear image.
  • It is used for analyzing the organ function and diagnosing the organic or functional defect.
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