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Badana Clinic

Mouwasat Medical Services attaches great importance to quality of life and seeks to achieve this in packages designed.

Centers located on the following hospitals:

  • Mouwasat Hospital Dammam
  • Mouwasat Hospital Khobar

Mouwasat Medical Services pays special attention to quality of life for its valued clients, and seeks to accomplish this within packages specifically designed for a healthy life and healthy bodies in line with the requirements of today’s world; and in order to achieve this we have established the Badana Clinic specialized in obesity surgery.

The Badana Clinic is the first center in the Middle East to be awarded the degree of excellence by the International Federation for Bariatric Surgery (IFSOK). The center has received this evaluation and this high and valued status after four full years of follow-up and evaluation by international experts. This evaluation included field visits, supervision of operations, and periodic follow-ups of different cases from the time of the operation until the stability of their health status until the point the patient can live with a more beautiful and healthier body and a more outgoing and vibrant spirit.

The Global Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery offers many packages and options in this field, and the appropriate operation is determined for each patient based on specialized advice from our team.

Our services include the following operations:

  • Stomach quantification
  • Modification of the classic stomach
  • Change of the microprocessor
  • Programmed balloon (intelligent capsule)

Dr. Sultan AlTemyatt

Medical Director / Badana Clinic

Consultant General Surgery and Endoscopic Surgery and Obesity