This Technology located in the following Hospitals:

  • Mouwasat Hospital Khobar


Gamma-ray spectrometer is used in breast surgeries for locating the lymph nodes infected with breast tumors.


Characteristics of Gamma-ray spectrometer:

  • It removes the infected lymph nodes with high precision.

The patient body to determine the injected atom material into the lymphatic glands of the tumor. Accordingly, the lymphatic glands to be removed during the surgery with keeping the lymphatic glands not infected with tumors.

  • It provides easy way for tumor removal.
  • It maintains not infected lymphatic glands.
  • It allows not suffering from the complications of traditional surgery by removing all lymphatic glands from the armpit, including swelling upper limbs that are difficult to be treated.


“The surgery is made by the breast surgery consultant and nuclear medicine consultant where a large amount of surgeries were successfully made using such technique”

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