This Technology located in the following Hospitals:

  • Mouwasat Hospital Dammam


Mouwasat Hospital at Al-Dammam strives to provide healthcare services to the patients using modern technologies. The surgical navigation equipment is used by the neurosurgery department and the ear, nose and throat department at Mouwasat Hospital at Al-Dammam.

The surgical navigation equipment uses apps and provides guidelines for surgeons for ensuring successful operation and can be compared with the navigation systems in vehicles, mobile phones.


Characteristics of the surgical navigation equipment:

  • It helps in locating small tumors.
  • It ensures surgery completion with minimal complications.
  • It used for the spinal immobilization.
  • It helps in locating screws points and preventing nerve injuries.
  • It minimizes patient and medical team exposure to the radiation risks.


The surgical navigation equipment results:

Around 100% precision in locating the tumors thereby the surgical operation achieves optimal results.

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