Competitive advantages and future plans and prospects:

Since its establishment, the group ensured providing high-quality health care services and competing with health care services providers in the kingdom by providing affordable services.

In addition, the group ensured excellence in delivering value-adding services and outperforming its competing health care services providers.

The group competitive advantages include:

Focus on Strategic Planning:

A comprehensive understanding of the health care market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its requirements and identification of the services need to be provided in line with the market needs.

Good profits and stable financial center:

The company enjoys a stable financial position positively contributing to implementing its strategy and expanding its network to cover further cities in the Kingdom.

Enabling environment for economy and business:

The economic environment in the Kingdom is enabling due to a set of factors, including Demographic growth rates and increasing demand for health care services, and the continued demand the Kingdom provides to private sector institutions to enhance its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and improve services they provide.

Good reputation:

The group enjoys a good reputation among members of the Saudi community as a result of the hard work done in the last three decades represented in the health care services provided to its clients, including individuals and companies.

A broad base of clients:

The group has a broad base of clients that it managed to attract and retain over the past decades. Mouwasat clients network contains leading companies, such as Saudi Aramco since 1996, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Saudi Arabian Airlines Company, General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), all insurance companies affiliated to Council of Cooperative Health Insurance, and many companies under direct contracts.

Up-to-date information systems supported by a highly qualified technical and administrative team:

The group has advanced systems and computers and multidisciplinary and multinational teams combining local and global experiences, including hospitals management according to global standards. The group, moreover, applies a number of administrative policies and procedures aimed at best utilizing its human resources and highest degrees of efficiency according to the key performance indicators.

Joint cooperation agreements:

The group has entered into a number of joint cooperation agreements with a number of international companies, organizations, hospitals, and medical centers, which positively impacted the quality of health services provided by the group hospitals.

Continuous efforts to transition the group to an international accredited medical entity:

The group ensures the application of the international standards to its day-to-day operations and contracts with experts and consultants to evaluate its operations. The group managed to obtain multiple international accreditations in service delivery compatible with the international standards.

Comprehensive services:

The group hospitals and specialized medical centers provide a wide variety of high-quality health care services covering all medical specialties. Thanks to its distinguished reputation, the group managed to attract the best talents in the Arab world, Africa, Europe, and America.

Administrative team with wide experience:

The group administrative team enjoys:

  • High qualifications in strategic planning and studying future supply and demand in the healthcare sector.
  • Advanced capabilities in managing large hospitals and medical centers and ensuring the quality of its serves.
  • Experience in executing administrative and financial policies and procedures and information systems and monitoring their efficiency.

Future plans:

Based on the group's vision of providing distinguished services to its clients and its strategy to cover all regions of the kingdom, the group has implemented various developments. To this end, the group introduced various new medical services in the centers, such as the Heart Care Center. Furthermore, the group established fertilization, In vitro fertilization, and infertility treatment and a center of genetic diseases treatment in Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam.

The group intends to realize the following objectives during the next five years:

  • The institutional transformation from paper working system to paperless working system.
  • Increase the group market share by 5%.
  • Development of financial control system.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified human resources.
  • Providing a complementary set of priority health care services to the local community.
  • Obtaining and maintaining international accreditation certificates.
  • Providing high-quality medication dispensing services.
  • Expanding its service in order for the group to be the most important health care provider in the region.

Future prospects:

The group has formulated ambitious plans to expand its existing facilities and establish new facilities and centers as part of its strategic plan to cover all regions of the kingdom and meet the increasing demand for health care services in the kingdom.

The group ensures providing its service to all citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group management currently considers utilization of opportunities to establish health care facilities in the western region of the Kingdom to facilitate reach to our services by actual and potential clients the group provides.

The group implements periodic maintenance and upgrade works in line with the latest developments in healthcare to provide high-quality services to its clients.

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