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Our hospitals are distinguished models of health care service providers with a complete line of medical services.

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Pharmaceutical Services Department

The pharmaceutical service s in Mouwasat hospitals  incorporate our organization’s values of teamwork, continuous improvement, and placing patients and families always at the center of our attenti.

All pharmaceutical operations  in Mouwasat hospitals   are supervised by the pharmaceutical management ,Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee, and all procedures and service s are compliant with JCIA, CBAHI ,ARAMCO(JHAH) and HIMSS Analytical  accreditation  standards.

:Our Services

 Inpatient Pharmacy Services 

 The Mouwasat hospitals  Inpatient pharmacies  provide dedicated services ,  24 hours/7 days  to the admitted patients  through a team of pharmacists who deliver  all prescribed medications to the patients in compliance with the local and international accreditation standards for medications’ management , To ensures the accuracy and highest quality  of pharmaceutical care to our patient

TPN & IV Medication Preparation Unit

TPN &IV medications are  prepared in the Inpatient  pharmacy I.V. room .  Under strict sterile condition  this practice decreases the  infection rates , improves medication safety , the pharmacist will   review  medication’s orders after visiting , assessing the needs and responses of the patient to various medications 

Chemotherapy medication  preparation

Chemotherapy medications preparations are prepared at the oncology pharmacy, for  oncology and hematology  admitted patients strictly handled by trained and experts pharmacist in compliance with the local and international accreditation standards for medications’ management , To ensures the accuracy and highest quality 

Anti-Coagulant Clinic 

It is concerned with setting and controlling the appropriate therapeutic doses and following up patients who are  taking Anti-coagulant  medications ,  so that these patients are treated  within the accurate and correct medication   strengths , doses  due to its highly side effect ,and providing each patient with   the necessary pharmaceutical Reconciliation regarding these drugs and it’s interactions with other

medications or   Food, 

these services are  provided by qualified and specialized clinical pharmacists to ensure maximum benefit from the treatment and the patient is not exposed to any side effect , which might affect his life 

Clinical Pharmacy Services

 Our clinical Pharmacists supervise the implementation of the hospital's pharmaceutical care plan and total parental nutrition (TPN)  They are also responsible for collecting, investigating and analyzing possible reports about medication errors and reported drug adverse events also provide consultative recommendations to our physicians upon their request.

 Clinical Pharmacists are part of  multi – disciplinary team  at the different Mouwasat hospitals setting , they  work closely with our physicians on delivering the desired therapeutic outcome, preventing or minimizing drug-related issues, and raising awareness about medication use.

Drug Information Unit

The DIU  provides the medical practitioner team   from doctors, pharmacists and nurses with all the pharmacological and toxic information based on an integrated set of the finest and most recent medical references and electronic subscriptions in line with the scientific progress in the field of pharmacy and medications .

Continuing Pharmacy Education Program(CPEP)

This program aims to provide the pharmaceutical  team the opportunity to improve work performance and productivity, the program includes intensive and extensive training programs which will serve the healthcare providers  in Mouwasat hospitals  and community 

Anti-Microbial Stewardship

 The primary role of this committee is to promote the rational safe and cost- conscious use of Anti-microbial at Mouwasat hospital with  the current concerns revolving around resistance  to Anti-biotics this role is critical for insuring that provided therapies are effective and don’t contribute to the increasing number of resistance bacteria 

Outpatient Pharmacy Services

OPD  pharmacy are Providing services to outpatient  clinics and emergency patients , it is  completely supplied with the required Medications ,Baby milks ,cosmetical products, OTC drugs  and paramedical.

Mouwasat physicians are using built-in order sets or what is called,  Computerized Prescriber Order-Entry (CPOE) which includes a lot of   advantages  as :  Cost reduction , Process improvement , Overall quality improvement  Medication  Error Reduction, Time saving

We constantly ensure for our patients the continuity, accuracy, safety and efficiency of drug through adopting state-of art computer systems by specialized  and trained  pharmacists  .

Discharged Patient Reconciliation

A team of expert  pharmacists provide Reconciliation  to the discharged  patients and their families on the medications, their importance, drug interactions, side effects, the appropriate time to take it,  how to use and how to store it , in order to obtain the best possible health outcomes

Refill Medication Services

This service is provided to patients with chronic diseases,  in terms of the number of times they are recommended to Re-fill  the medications before the date of the doctor's visit , by using the Refill Medication  application on the Mouwasat  homepage and the preparation and dispensing of medicines will be  within 48 hours.


In line with the strategic plan of Mouwasat Medical services company to constantly develop our services and applying the latest technology in the field of healthcare, Mouwasat is committed to deliver world class medical service to our customers in all Mouwasat hospitals all over the kingdom.

Mouwasat Medical Services Company has started its project for Smart Robotic Outpatient Pharmacy at Mouwasat Hospital – Khobar, as the first private hospital in the kingdom to implement this project that will be officially inaugurated on August 2019.

Smart Robotic Outpatient Pharmacy is the use of high-tech robotic machines in pharmacy practice and in healthcare sector which has many added values;

Automatic preparation of medications with a dispensing speed that can reach up to 4000 packs per hour.

Can serve up to 6000 customers per day.

Less waiting times.

High accuracy in medications dispensing.

More time will be available for patient counseling and drug therapy education.

Enhance customer satisfaction.

The new smart robotic outpatient pharmacy is using the latest German technology that is based on product unique identifier (GTIN – Global Trade Item Number) and the 2-dimensional (2D) barcode which guarantee high accuracy in medications dispensing, inventory/stock management, and automatic checking for medications validity/expiry dates.

Mouwasat hospital – Khobar is the first private hospital in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement Smart Robotic Outpatient Pharmacy, and it will be implemented subsequently in all other Mouwasat Hospitals in Jubail, Riyadh, Dammam, Qatif and Madinah Munawara.