Mouwasat Pharmacies

Our hospitals are distinguished models of health care service providers with a complete line of medical services.

Mouwasat Pharmacies

In the wake of attaining the Joint Accreditation Certificate in December 07, 2006. The Pharmaceutical Services department in the Mouwasat Healthcare Group considers this accreditation a firm commitment to optimize our services at every level of our organization and maintain the world-class standard of service. We are proud of our outstanding array of services and we invite you to share our enthusiasm for providing tomorrow's Pharmaceutical Care.

Mouwasat Pharmacy uses a team approach and multidisciplinary action for the optimal performance of pharmaceutical care. Mouwasat Pharmacy works directly with both prescribers and patients to recommend and evaluate therapies, design care, plan and monitor patient drug programs. Pharmaceutical care shifted the pharmacy profession from a product-centered to a more patient-centered practice.

Pharmaceutical care at Mouwasat Hospital stemmed its authority and legitimacy from Mouwasat Pharmacy mission which reads,

  1. To adhere to Mouwasat Hospital unwavering commitment for higher quality drug therapy which implies moving far behind basics of drug distribution to address all requirement of Pharmaceutical Care.
  2. To achieve quality care and positive clinical outcomes.
  3. To strive for cost-effective pharmaco therapeutics and profitability for the enterprise through diligent work, motivation, perseverance, expertise, loyalty, and ethics.

The code of ethics is intended to state publicly the principles that form the fundamental basis of the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists, these principles, based on moral obligations and virtues, are established to guide pharmacists in relationships with patients, health professionals, and society.

Principle 1

A pharmacist respects the covenantal relationship between the patient and pharmacist.

Principle 2

A pharmacist promotes the good of every patient in caring compassionate and confidential manner.

Principle 3

A pharmacist respects the autonomy and dignity of each patient.

Principle 4

A pharmacist acts with honesty and integrity in professional relationships.

Principle 5

A pharmacist maintains professional competence.

Principle 6

A pharmacist respects the values and abilities of colleagues and other health professionals.

Principle 7

A pharmacist serves individual, community, and social needs.

Principle 8

A pharmacist seeks justice in the distribution of health resources.

Mouwasat Hospital Pharmacy demonstrates effectiveness and safe medication practices through cost control, shifting the dispensing function to technicians with pharmacist oversight, double check method is applied. We have moved pharmacist into direct care role in collaboration with the rest of health care team.

Mouwasat Hospital pharmacy is integrated with the facility, communication, policies & procedures, trained & competent staff, technology and computerized distributive systems.

The pharmacy includes various divisions and units

  • Centralized drug distribution system which allows greater management, efficiency and control.

This system facilitates automation of the process involved. Medications are supplied based on computer-aided unit dose system, it commenced in the year 1995.

  • Drug Information Unit

The Mouwasat Hospital established this unit in year 1999 to provide all healthcare professionals whether from the hospital or the community with clinically-oriented information.

This unit is supervised by well trained drug information pharmacists

TPN and I.V. admixture program

This program is performed by uniquely trained pharmacists, all preparations are carried out under aseptic technique using biosafety vertical laminar airflow hoods.

Recently more services were added to the conventional pharmacy services since year 2004 which are:

Clinical pharmacy services

The pharmacy department proved to have a positive impact on patient care since this service was implemented.

Mouwasat pharmacy department is privileged to perform clinical interventions by the hospital credentialing and privileging committee.

Clinical intervention pharmacists

Are specially trained, competent and highly qualified to use their knowledge, discretion and expertise to help prescribers solving complex medication problems and make wise decision about drug therapy.

However, conventional pharmaceutical services are still conducted by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the

Ambulatory patient dispensing section

The service has been remarkably improved by integration of computer-generated labels including all information necessary to ensure safe drug use, the pharmacists are continuing to practice verbal patient counseling to encourage patient compliance. Mouwasat Hospital inaugurated three community pharmacies (Tower Pharmacy, ER Pharmacy and ARAMCO Pharmacy) to serve ambulatory patients.

It is worth mentioning that the pharmacy plays a very influential role in the entire hospital by the continuous education program. The role of the pharmacy is explicitly maintained by the (CPEP).

Continuing Pharmacy Education Program

Is Chaired by Dr. Ahmed Touman, Chief Pharmaceutical Services.

This program provides professionally based training programs for pharmacists and other healthcare providers.

The program involves lectures, seminars, conferences and training about work at work.

Drug Dose Unit Distribution System

The Mouwasat pharmacy delivers medications for admitted patients based on single unit packages and delivers to the wards at least once daily this system is called Unit Dose System.

For emergency situations, the pharmacy supplies the point-of-care areas with life saving and essential medications through floor stock system.

Ministry of Health rules and guidelines are duely followed in addition to the Mouwasat policies and procedures governing Narcotic & Controlled drug dispensing.

The unit dose system enables the pharmacy to check the patients' medication profile to detect allergies, verify dosages, track adverse drug reactions and medication errors, identify drug interactions, monitor drug adherence for better , safe and effective use of drugs.

Unit dose system improves the quality of drug therapy, simplifies billing procedures and improves the capture rate of patients' charges.

Physicians are entering their medication orders directly into the computer units in the hospital wards and clinics through (CPOE) system.

Computerized Prescriber Order-Entry (CPOE)

The CPOE system was launched in 2003 in one nursing unit, then was evolved and expanded to all hospital units in 2006

C - Cost reduction 
P - Process improvement 
O - Overall quality improvement 
E - Error Reduction

The physicians are using built-in order sets or what is called electronic prescribing.

The advantages of CPOE system includes but not limited to:

  • Speeding up order prescribing
  • Time saving for doctors which will be utilized for patients care
  • Stat orders appear on the top of processing queue
  • Minimizing medication errors
  • Reducing turnaround time for medication orders,
  • Cost reduction

No transcription, No personal interpretation of medication orders, No illegible handwriting.

Time saved by nurses will be utilized for patients care.

Time saved by pharmacists will be translated into time available for clinical activities.

A decision support tool may be incorporated to provide prescribers with automatic alerts for drug-drug interaction and provides dosage guidance tools and comparison of drugs.

Handwritten medication orders in the Medication Administration Records are no longer accepted.

Computer-generated M.A.R. labels are currently applied.

The pharmacy issues computer-generated labels as well as cautionary labels and advisory labels and coloured labels to draw the attention of the administering nurse of an unusual method or time of administration or a potential interaction or a special consideration must be taken for reconstitution of a drug, administration or monitoring.

Drug Information Unit

Pharmacy department provides information to patients and practitioners, designs and delivers education for Safe Medication Practices.

The unit is providing evidence-based and up to date clinical drug information.

Since the year 2000 the Drug Information Unit has utilized Micromedex which is an internationally recognized electronic drug database, other drug information references, text books, periodicals, circulars, journals are abundantly available.

Micromedex is the most authoritative and reliable electronic drug information system.

The drug information pharmacists are ready to answer any drug-related inquiries and questions on the Drug Information Unit extension number 2392.

I.V. admixture program

The pharmacy provides sterile preparations and TPN formulations applying aseptic technique using biosafety vertical laminar airflow hood class II type A model 1200 with a state-of-the-art specification for adults, paediatric and neonatal patients.

It is the pharmacy obligation to maintain the highest standard of safety, quality and integrity for all Total Parenteral Nutrition and sterile formulations.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

The pharmacy department is privileged to perform clinical interventions the program include twenty elements of interventions which are :-

  1. Verifying dosages appropriateness
  2. Detecting allergies to drugs
  3. Tracking adverse drug reactions
  4. Checking drug-drug interactions and incompatibilities
  5. Checking drug-food interactions
  6. Sharing in the outcome of patient therapy
  7. Providing reliable information to patients and practitioners and sharing in designing pharmaco therapeutics
  8. Tracking medication errors
  9. Physician counseling
  10. Monitoring drug adherence
  11. Drug utilization review
  12. Choice of appropriate drug for acute and chronic diseases
  13. Choice of appropriate route of administration
  14. Dosage adjustment for patients of renal diseases
  15. Dosage adjustment for patient of liver diseases
  16. Choice of appropriate drug for pregnant and lactating women
  17. Providing consultation on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  18. Identifying the safety and effectiveness of non prescription drugs, patients own medication, and herbal medications
  19. Providing consultations on the merits of different therapeutic agents
  20. Being the connecting link between physicians and patients on the final check of the medications safety.

Ambulatory patient dispensing section

Mouwasat Hospital pharmacy is operating under the formulary system.

So Generic equivalent permitted, prescribers must use the approved names "Generic Names" and must not use non-official abbreviation.

Metric system is the only system allowed in prescribing.

The pharmacist conducts his professional judgment and uses what so called Incomplete Outpatient Prescription Form if he/she encounters incomplete, erroneous or irrational prescription.

However, some information or interventions may be better provided orally.

Continuing Pharmacy Education Program (CPEP)

This program aims to provide the healthcare team the opportunity to improve work performance and productivity, the program includes intensive and extensive training programs.

Part of CPEP accomplishment:

  • Pharmaceutical Symposium entitled "SAFE MEDICATION PRACTICES IN HOSPITALS"
  • Pharmaceutical Symposium entitled "PHARMACEUTICAL CARE: PRIORITIES AND CHALLENGES"
  • Pharmaceutical Symposium entitled "BRINGING CLINICAL PHARMACY TO PRACTICE"
  • Phamaceutical Symposium entitled “Qaulity initiatives in Pharmacy practice”
  • Many articles published in the local and regional newspapers and magazines.
  • Pharmacy Newsletter published quarterly in regular basis since 1997 by the Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee, Editor-in Chief Dr. Ahmed Touman.
  • Publication of Monograph for Management and Treatment of Specific Poisons. This booklet was approved by M.O.H. and distributed to most government and private healthcare facilities in the Eastern province.
  • This booklet was approved by M.O.H. and distributed to most government and private healthcare facilities in the Eastern province.
  • Publication of precalculated dosages for the emergency medications, it is a wall mounted chart and used in E.R. and some hospital points of care areas.

MOUWASAT believe that pharmacists must explore ways to maximizing our contribution and professional effectiveness in patient care through implementation of Pharmaceutical Care which is actually a New Era In Pharmacy Profession

Mouwasat Community Pharmacies

In recognition of its commitment in providing excellent pharmaceutical services, Mouwasat Community Pharmacies operates round the clock and dedicate all strenuous efforts to comply with the Mouwasat Mission and Vision of providing and maintaining the highest standard of health care continuum. The Mouwasat Community Pharmacies are adequately equipped, fully computerized, and completely supplied with the required pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and paramedicals. We constantly ensure for our patients the continuity, accuracy, safety and efficiency of drug supplies through adopting state-of art computer systems and authoritative drug information software.

There are also professionally-selected community pharmacists and uniquely trained staff who are implementing an automated and integrated clinical information system changing the focus of community pharmacy from product handling to provision of clinically-oriented information and direct patient care.






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