Why Al Mouwasat ?

Skilled Saudi, Arab and European Expertise in All Major Specialties and Sub-Specialties:

In Mouwasat, we ensured the availability of expertise from Saudi Arabia and all over the world to implement the best international practices and guidelines.

Latest Technology Implementations and Artificial Intelligence Technology and The Latest Medical Equipment

Our ultimate goal is the safety of our valued patients, hence we have brought the latest technology and equipment and we invested in unique and exclusive artificial intelligence applications and projects

Local and International Health Quality accreditations

In our commitment to provide the best in class standards, Mouwasat is committed to gain the local and international accreditations to provide the best quality of care and Demonstrate our strategy towards the patients’ safety on hospital, department and center of excellence level.

Stretched and convenient Working Hours In the outpatient clinics and their services

All our hospitals avail 16 hours out-patient clinics in all major specialties and sub-specialties

Emergency and Critical Cases Management Around The Clock

For the sake of achieving the best patient safety and experience, we provide 24 hours emergency room with the availability of consultants from all specialties in addition to the radiology, laboratory, pharmacy and ambulatory services.

Diagnostic and therapeutic Units

Equipped with a state of art equipment under the supervision of qualified consultants including cath-lab, hemodialysis, physiotherapy, endoscopy, digital operating theatres, critical care units.

Support and Integrated Healthcare services

Patients can book their appointments through our 24/7 call center and unique comprehensive mobile application and have access to Home Care Services and Chronic Medication refill and its delivery