Long Term Care

Centers located in the following hospitals:

  • Mouwasat Hospital Dammam

Medical Tower No. (2) at Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam provides Long Term Care, which improves functional recovery and quality of life for patients with medical conditions or injuries that require special long-term care

Long Term Care meet the medical needs of people with chronic illnesses or disabilities who cannot receive needed care in their own homes.

Tower 2 building was designed by a French company specialized in the establishment of rehabilitation and long-term care centers. The design took into account the ease of movement of staff and patients through the availability of a sufficient number of elevators and spacious lobbies.

The new building is connected to the main building of the hospital through a flyover to ensure smooth and easy movement of patients and visitors to benefit from the hospital’s diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Ground floor

Outpatient Department Physical Therapy Department Integrated Pharmacy Digital Radiology Department to provide services c) CT/MRI/Sound waves

First floor

It contains the intensive and long-term intensive care beds, which are equipped with advanced equipment and devices, and it can accommodate up to (40) digital monitoring beds connected to the central control and control center.


For intensive care beds in the main building

Floors from the second to the fifth

The floors of the hospital include (170) beds to provide long-term services and physical rehabilitation services for the inpatients. The design was taken into account to be of privacy and divided for men and women. It is made up of private rooms with spacious rooms for one patient and each room is spacious and spacious. All beds are directly connected to the nursing stations through digital programs and special paging devices.

It has taken into account the provision of large areas and green spaces to entertain patients and give them a sense of comfort.

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