Based on Mowasat Medical Company’s keenness to increase its main and subspecialties, Mowasat Hospital in Riyadh established a speech department to treat communication diseases and swallowing difficulties, which affect the patient’s psychological health, the child’s learning abilities, and academic achievement as a result of neglecting to treat them in a specialized medical manner at the appropriate time.

The Speech Speech Department at Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Riyadh provides diagnostic and therapeutic medical services to all segments of society, including children, adults and the elderly.

The services of the speech-language pathology department, which is equipped with the latest international technologies, cover the following cases:

  • Hearing disorders.
  • Brain injuries affecting speech and motor abilities.
  • Developmental psychological disorders (lack of attention, distraction, hyperactivity, and autism).
  • Laryngeal diseases (early detection of vocal cord tumors, vocal problems, and laryngeal breathing difficulties)
  • Swallowing disorders.
  • Stuttering and stuttering
  • And diseases associated with injuries to the nervous system (muscle weakness, deterioration of language, and swallowing difficulties).
  • Psychological diseases that affect communication (functional hysterical loss of voice and selective mutism).
  • Dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia resulting from developmental language problems.
Al-Mowasat Hospital in Riyadh provided the speech department with the latest medical supplies and equipment, including:

  • A mobile and fixed digital work unit for examining swallowing difficulties, which is used in the following cases:
-Soft endoscopes for the diagnosis and treatment of urinary problems in infants, children and adults
-Examination of the functions of the velopharyngeal valve to treat all types of cheetah cases, including open and closed cheetah, and all cases of cleft palate.

  • A laryngeal telescope with stroboscope illumination for examining laryngeal diseases, early detection of laryngeal tumors, and distinguishing between functional and organic diseases.
  • Computer-based voice analysis laboratory for diagnosing and treating voice and throat diseases.
  • Nasometer device to evaluate and treat cases of nasal resonance changes, cleft palate, and difficulty speaking.
  • Visi-Pitch device for treating and training patients with speech defects and stuttering during speaking tasks.
  • The latest computer programs to train and assist patients with speech disabilities and use them as a means of alternative communication and apraxia of speech (brain injuries and cochlear implants.)
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