Mouwasat Eye Center (Dammam)

Eye center is providing Ophthalmology Surgical and medical Services, as extension of distinguished Medical activity Known by Al Mouwasat Medical Group.

Eye Medical Center has characterized by elite group of Saudi and Non-Saudi Doctors in all ophthalmology Subspecialty, including:

Cataract Unit:

Cataract is opacity of eye lens that impairing vision.

This opacity has many causes like Getting old, diabetes, direct trauma and many other chronic diseases with impairing medication.

Glaucoma Unit:

Glaucoma is increasing in intraocular pressure that pressing the optic disc leading to permanent lesion and loss of vision.

Early examination increasing the chance of saving vision.

Treatment may be Medical by using specific Eye drops to decrease intraocular pressure or by surgical interference according to the patient condition and what the decision of the doctor.

Retina and Vitreous Humor Unit:

Retinal problems include Retinal detachment, Retinal Tear, Vitreous hemorrhage , and the diabetic patient are more subjected to Retinal problems.

Treatment of Retinal diseases is carried out using the latest methods either by laser, injection,Or surgery.

Lasek Unit and vision correction Unit:

For ensuring the best results Eye Center Have Best Lasek Machine and Highly Expert Doctors,

Helping Restoring best vision acuity and getting rid of boring Glasses.

Oculoplastic, eye lid , orbital and lacrimal duct Unit:

Eye center has plastic and cosmetic unit for eye lid reconstruction , removing subcutaneous fat, and other plastic surgeries.

Pediatric ophthalmological medical and surgical unit:

  • Strabismus surgery
  • Visual weakness in pediatrics
  • Lacrimal duct occlusion surgery
  • Congenital cataract & glaucoma unit
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