Haemodialysis Unit
Is the treatment for renal failure patients, in which the waste products of metabolism and extra fluids are removed with the help of an artificial kidney machine

To provide the highest quality, most comprehensive and up to date care to patient with renal failure while promoting optimal health, quality of life, and independence. This mission achieved using a multidisciplinary approach to meet the complex needs of patient with renal failure and by providing a wide range of services including chronic and acute hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy.

To be an internationally recognized, world-class healthcare institution that follows and leading the innovations and to be taken as an example by other healthcare institutions.

Our Dialysis Unit
Located in the first floor of the hospital & The unit has 18 bed capacity.
  • Hepatitis Negative patients
  • Hepatitis C positive patients
  • Hepatitis B positive patients

Heamodialysis Services:
Safe and effective Dialysis care for Adult with Acute and Chronic renal failure Heamodialysis available 24 hours, 7days a week.

Types of Patients Served
These patients’ type and placements include but are not limited to: -
  • Chronic End stage Renal Failure & Acute kidney injury with metabolic acidosis; Persistent Hyperkalemia; Fluid Overload or Oliguria; End Stage Renal Disease; Refractory Pulmonary Edema; Refractory Heart Failure
  • If any service is not available in our facility, the patient will be transferred to another facility where the service is available.

All types of treatment related to kidney diseass are available including :

  • Critical Care
  • Renal OPD clinic
  • All Specialties OPD clinic
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Multidisciplinary Care

Living Well on Dialysis
Patient and Family Education:

  • Care of Vascular Access 
  • Medication : Diet and Fluid restriction.
  • Detection of complication
  • Importance of dialysis treatment until patient has a successful kidney transplant.
  • The patient can lead a normal healthy life with an adequate hemodialysis treatment with an adequate hemodialycis freatement.

Hours of Operations
Operating Hours: 7:00 -17:00 Except Friday Emergency Dialysis is offered 24hrs a day

  • The unit provides acute and chronic hemodialysis 10 hours per day, 6 days per week, and 24 hours on-call person is available to cover acute cases when the units are closed.
  • We are accepting medically insured patients, cash patients & MOH referrals. If any service is not available in our facility, the patient will be transferred to another facility where the service is available. We have agreement with Mouwasat Hospital Dammam Hemodialysis center for patients transfer.
  • For unsponsored cases, Social workers will help patients to guide them to MOH or Charity facilities.

Contanct Details
Please contact us at this Number: 0138512222 - Extensions 3390


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