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MHM Hemodialysis Department will provide you with the most advanced evidence-based practice and clinical protocols that enable us to provide high quality and safe dialysis service which treats individuals comprehensively to develop, maintain and optimize the quality of life for individuals and their families in the community and workplace.


To provide the highest quality, most comprehensive and up to date care to patient with renal failure while promoting optimal health, quality of life, and independence. This mission achieved using a multidisciplinary approach to meet the complex needs of patient with renal failure and by providing a wide range of services including chronic and acute hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy.


  1. To improve the quality of life for patient with end stage kidney disease
  2. To deliver excellent medical care versed with latest and up to date guidelines.
  3. To provide a supportive environment which will promote sensitivity to cultural, spiritual, and ethnic differences.
  4. To maintain respect for individuality and independence
  5. To provide an atmosphere of learning for patient / families and staff
  6. To support audit to improve the quality of care to our renal patient.

Scope of Service

HEMODIALYSIS UNIT is a hospital-based unit providing acute and chronic hemodialysis for adult patients. The patients are categorized as having acute renal failure or end stage renal diseases and may have multiple medical diagnosis, we provide services to adults that are more than 14 years old.


Service Duration

The unit provides acute and chronic hemodialysis 10 hours per day, 6 days per week, and 24 hours on-call person is available to cover acute cases when the units are closed.

If no service is available at our facility, the hospital is obligated to communicate, prepare, and transfer the patient to the appropriate facility.

Please contact us at this Number: 920004477

Patient/Family/Caregiver education

  • Education is given as per the requirement of individual cases. At most respect is given to patients’ literacy, gender, cultural diversity.
  • In addition to excellence in patient care, the department shall create culture that emphasizes the importance of quality improvement as well as continued staff development and education. To provide a person-centered framework.

Insurance/Fees criteria

  • The patient may utilize insurance coverage provided by his private insurance provider that includes Mouwasat Hospital. In addition, payment can be made in cash or through credit cards directly during the registration process at the reception counter. Cash service fees will be disclosed at the time of initial visit.
  • Individuals can call the hospital unified number 920004477for fees related information.


On Holiday, don’t worry


Dialysis holiday program:

Objective: To provide a safe and enjoyable holiday experience for dialysis patients, accommodating their medical needs while offering uniform, continual care through solid care transfer from your country.


Day 1: Arrival and Orientation

- Welcome and introductions

- Orientation to facilities and medical services

- Briefing on schedule and activities

- Relaxation time

Days of sessions: Dialysis Sessions and Activities

- Dialysis sessions at [Dialysis Center Mouwasat Hospital/Madinah] as prescribed by nephrology consultant.

- Medical check-ups and monitoring as required

- Scheduled leisure activities:

  - Sightseeing tours

  - Cultural experiences

  - Meals

  - Relaxation sessions

  - Entertainment (music, movies, etc.)
  - Free time for personal exploration and relaxation

End Day: Departure

  • - Final medical assessments
  • - Farewell gathering
  • - Departure arrangements





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