Praise be to God, the new unit for treating patients with diabetes, endocrine glands, and diabetic foot was opened at Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Qatif, which was equipped with the latest medical equipment and scientific and practical expertise, in addition to the presence of a distinguished medical and nursing staff, in order to treat and follow up on all types of diabetes, which begins after the initial evaluation, which It has a team of doctors and nurses trained at the highest level, and care includes all levels, and referral to other subspecialties - if necessary.
The patient also receives a comprehensive explanation about the treatment plan that he will undergo to enhance and achieve the goals of treatment.

This unit consists of several sections:

  • Diabetic foot care department
  • Endocrinology Clinic
  • Eye Clinic
  • Women's clinic for pregnant women with diabetes
  • Therapeutic nutrition clinic
  • A private clinic for health education for diabetics and their families.
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