Dentistry Department in Mouwasat Hospital Qatif covers all specific areas in dentistry and provides its services to all community segments belonging to all age groups, including children, adolescents, and older persons. Dental Department in Mouwasat Hospital Qatif focuses on providing treatments in dental carries, mouth health, mouth surgeries, aesthetic dentistry, dental prosthodontics, dental implant, and specialized treatments related to children's dentistry.

The cases treated and services provided by the Dentistry Department of Mouwasat Hospital Qatif are categorized under dental braces, dental implants, and maxillofacial surgeries, cosmetic dentistry, and dental roots treatments, and pediatric dentistry.

Dental braces

Treated cases and services provided include:

  • Temporary dental braces.
  • Fixed dental braces, including traditional dental braces, partial dental braces, and dental braces without wires and brackets.
  • Self-ligating dental braces.

Dental Implants

Treated cases and services provided include:

  • Single tooth replacement.
  • Multiple teeth replacement.
  • Full-arch fixed implant bridges.
  • Implant-retained dentures.
  • Mini dental implants.

Maxillofacial Surgeries, cosmetic dentistry, and dental roots treatments

Treated cases and services provided include:

  • Surgical dental extraction of embedded teeth.
  • Incision and excision of dental abscesses and apicoectomy.
  • Oral ulcers and masses biopsy.
  • Cosmetic dental surgeries.
  • Dental Implants.
  • Hollywood Smile and Zirconium and porcelain bridges and crown.
  • Dental treatment under general anesthesia for pediatric and persons with special needs.
  • Jaws and facial bone fractures fixation
  • Restoration and reconstruction of facial bones post-trauma or with congenital defects
  • Cleft lip palate repair.
  • Oral, facial, sinuses tumors surgical excision.
  • Partaking in the base of the skull and orbital tumor excision executed by multidisciplinary medical teams.
  • Repair of intraoral fistula.
  • Gum and orthognathic surgeries.

 Pediatric Dentistry

Treated cases and services provided include:

  • Regular dental checkup and cleaning.
  • Jaw growth assessment.
  • Preventative dental care.
  • Fluoride treatments.
  • Dental fillings.
  • Root-canal treatments.
  • Bridges, crowns, veneers, and braces.
  • Emergency treatment.
  • Installation of sports guards.
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