In line with Mouwasat Medical Services’ strategy and vision to invest in advanced technology and artificial intelligence programs in order to improve medical services, this center was launched as the first smart intensive care center in the Kingdom called Tele-ICU to support intensive care units in Mouwasat hospitals, as a continuation of the artificial intelligence and medicine projects The company's communication, which comes as an extension of the agreement concluded with Philips International, which was signed at the Ministry of Health pavilion in Dubai on the sidelines of the Arab Health Conference in the year 2020.

This project, which has been implemented in Al-Mouwasat Medical Services Company, aims to:

  • Standardization of treatment plans and performance standards.
  • Quality improvement.
  • Reducing patient stays in intensive care departments and reducing treatment costs.
  • Standardizing medical care for patients and providing best treatment practices.

This project also comes in line with the foundations of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the first dimension of the eight dimensions of the National Transformation Program, benefiting from the endless support of the rational leadership and the support of the Ministry of Health for the private health sector to maintain the safety of citizens and residents.

TELE–ICU Smart Intensive Care Center Jobs

  • Clinical pathways and care plans: Monitoring and supervision of clinical cases and patient data including laboratory, radiology, and any other examinations performed on the patient.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Warns the treating physician of the risks of complications that the patient may develop based on the collection of electronic patient data.
  • Responsible Medicine: Implementation of physicians' requests in addition to the medical and nursing care plan in accordance with international best practices.
  • Calculating ratios and outcomes: Utilizing the scoring system to identify symptom risk.
  • The capabilities of the TELE–ICU smart intensive care center.
  • The total bed capacity of the project is 1500 beds, of which 350 beds will be operated.
  • Availability of an intensive care specialist, an integrated team of nursing, and specialized medical staff around the clock.
  • Communication between the command center and the intensive care unit through audio-visual technology.
  • Integration of services of health information system, image archiving and communication system, laboratory information system and cardiac archiving and communication system.

TELE–ICU Smart Intensive Care Center Benefits

  • Reducing the length of stay in the intensive care unit.
  • Reducing the cost of patient care.
  • Take advantage of the artificial intelligence program that alerts the treating doctor about the risks that the patient may be exposed to.
  • Unifying medical procedures based on scientifically proven references such as:

Certified Clinical Practice Protocols, Implementation of procedures related to the best medical practices globally.

  • Improving the quality of care, patient safety, and patient medical outcomes.
  • Giving priority treatment based on the level of severity of the patient's condition.



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