Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar has been established as the sixth hospital affiliated to Mouwasat Company for Medical Services in one of most beautiful areas in the northeastern city of Khobar, in Mrooj neighborhood. Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar has been established in order to implement the company plans to expand services provision in major KSA cities and to add a new hospital to the existing hospitals, including Mouwasat Hospital at Dammam, Mouwasat Hospital at Riyadh, Al Madinah Al Munawwarah, Jubail Industrial City, and Qatif. 

Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar comprises 280 beds and erected on land with an area of 53,000 square meters and the total area of the hospital premises is 48,000 square meters. In addition to the main premises of Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar, there is a set of buildings consisting of large apartments for physicians and staff working at Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar with gardens that give an atmosphere of joy, relief and tranquility among the hospital visitors and patients. The company has constructed parking lots for greater than 850 vehicles in the same time in order to facilitate entry and exit of visitors, patients and make an appointment in Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar.

Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar covers all medical specialization listed below and has Intensive Care Unit for adults and for care of children and newborn babies, isolation rooms, emergency beds, individual patients’ rooms, double rooms and luxurious hospital suites. Furthermore, the hospital comprises six operating rooms and delivery rooms.

Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar accepts patient referrals from all hospitals and clinics in the Kingdom via the External Referrals Office 7 days a week, starting from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM through the phone numbers detailed below:

Telephone: 8200000-013 external numbers 4368/4381

Mobile: 0502564455

We are pleased to receive your calls and make appointments in Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar through the Mouwasat Hospital at Khobar phone number 920004477 or through the Mouwasat Applications or its account in social media platforms.

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