Al Mouwasat Center for Long Term Care is the first and only center specialized in providing extended care and rehabilitation services in Medina. It offers a comprehensive range of distinguished services that guarantee the best health and psychological care around the clock. These services include:

1. Long-term care service for patients of all ages, especially bedridden elderly people who need continuous medical and nursing care. This service is provided in the intensive care and hospitalization departments by an elite group of the most skilled doctors and specialized nurses.

2. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation service through an integrated center equipped with the latest equipment necessary to rehabilitate patients after accidents, strokes, and fractures under the supervision of an elite team of physical therapy and rehabilitation consultants. It provides its services to patients in the Mouwasat Center for Extended Care and to the center’s outpatient clinic patients.

3. Respiratory therapy service; A specialized respiratory treatment team is available for patients on ventilators or who suffer from breathing difficulties.

4. therapeutic nutrition; All patients admitted to the center receive the best standards of nutritional care that suit each patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

5. Bed sore prevention and treatment service; The center pays special attention to following all necessary measures to prevent bed sores for patients admitted to the center and to following the latest methods of treating bed sores for bedridden patients who suffer from these sores.

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