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Dr. Wael Zekri

Dr. Wael Zekri

Consultant of hematology and pediatric oncology


Contact Information

+966 920 004 477

Mouwasat Hospital Dammam


  • Bachelor of Medicine - Cairo Univ. - Egypt
  • Master of Science, General Pediatrics - Cairo Univ. - Egypt 2001
  • PhD  (MD) degree of Pediatric Oncology - NCI - Cairo Univ. - Egypt 2006
  • Member of the Egyptian Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (ESPHO)
  • Member of the Egyptian Society of Pediatric Oncology (EPOG)
  • Member of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP)
  • Member of the Pediatric Oncology in the East and Mediterranean (POEM)
  • Member of the African Pediatric Neuro- Oncology Society (APNOS)

Cases to be seen:

  • I. Pediatric Benign Hematology :

    -Anemias including: Sickle cell disease, Thalassemia, G6PD deficiency and nutritional anemias

    -Bleeding disorders and thrombosis including : Coagulopathies, hemophilia and platelet disorders.

    -Bone marrow failures syndromes, HLH, WBCs disorders and repeated attacks of infection.

    -Bone marrow dysplasia, Myeloproliferative disorders and polycythemia

    -Lymphoproliferative disorders including hepato-splenomegaly.

  • II. Pediatric Malignant Hematology:

    -Acute and chronic Leukemias

    -Different types of Lymphomas

    -Histiocytic disorders

  • III. Pediatric Solid Tumors:

    -Different kinds of solid tumors

    -CNS and Spinal Cord tumors 

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