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Dr. Salwa Ahmed Abd Elhay

Dr. Salwa Ahmed Abd Elhay

Senior specialist


Contact Information

+966 920 004 477

Mouwasat Hospital Jubail


  • Doctoral Degree (M.D), faculty of medicine, Ain shams university,
  • Master degree (M.SC), faculty of medicine, Ain shams university, 
  • Bachelor Degree (, faculty of medicine, Banha university, 

Cases to be seen:

  • Diagnostic, therapeutic clinic for: 
     Language disorders: as in - Delayed language development - Hearing impairment, cochlear implant - Autism, ADHD, CP, MR - Post stroke dysphasia 
  • Speech disorders: · Dysarthria · stuttering, cluttering · Hyper nasality · dyslalia - Voice disorders: · Dysphonia, aphonia for adult, children · Flexible and rigid laryngoscope for cases of dysphonia, aphonia, · stridor, congenital laryngeal disorders, sleep apnea (preoperative) 
  •  swallowing disorder: oropharyngeal dysphagia, aspiration by Flexible endoscopic examination of swallowing, modified barium swallow.
  •  Learning disability: 
  • Language test, articulation test, stuttering severity test, Phonological awareness test, dyslexia test, dysphasia test
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