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Dr. Arafa Gomaa

Dr. Arafa Gomaa

Interventional Cardiology Consultant


Contact Information

+966 920 004 477

Mouwasat Hospital Riyadh


  • Lecturer of cardiology, Cardiology Department, Helwan University
  • Consultant interventional cardiology. Badr University hospital& Al-Kheir international Hospital.
  • Membership of Egyptian society of cardiology,
  • Membership of European society of cardiology,
  • Membership of European association of percutaneous cardiovascular intervention (EAPCI)

Cases to be seen:

  • Atherosclerotic CAD (stable angina, unstable angina, acute MI) & Hypertension and hypertensive heart disease& all phenotypes of heart failure& valvular heart disease& cardiac tachy arrhythmias (atrial and ventricular) and bradyarrhythmia's& infective endocarditis& myocardial and pericardial diseases& treating all cardiovascular emergencies (acute MI& acute HF& acute pulmonary embolism& aortic dissection& cardiac arrest)
  • Performing all echocardiography modalities (TTE& TEE& dobutamine stress echocardiography) & stress ECG& Holter monitoring& ambulatory BP& diagnostic cardiac catheterization and interventional procedures to assess and treat heart muscles, valves and arteries.
  • Expert in coronary angioplasty (primary PCI& complex PCI& CTO) and expert in Radial approach
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