Badana Clinic

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Badana Clinic

Mouwasat Medical Services attaches great importance to quality of life and seeks to achieve this in packages designed specifically for healthy living in accordance with the requirements of every age group. To achieve this, the organisation has an established BADANA Clinic specialised in obesity surgery.

The Obesity Clinic at Mouwasat Hospital was the first centre of its kind in the Middle East to be awarded by the International Bariatric Surgery Association (IFSOK). Our centre assures all patients four years of follow-up and evaluations by international experts including on-site visits, process monitoring and periodic follow-ups from the time of operation until full mental and physical recovery.


The Centre of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery offers many packages and options for obesity control. These are individually defined for each client on the basis of professional advice from the medical team. They include in Dammam and Khobar mouwasat hospital: 

  • Stomach quantification
  • Modification of the classic stomach
  • Change of the microprocessor
  • Programmed balloon (intelligent capsule)




Dr. Sultan AlTemyatt

Medical Director / Badana Clinic

Consultant General Surgery and Endoscopic Surgery and Obesity








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