We have relied on the Mowasat Medical Services Company, through our journey for more than four decades, to attract the most efficient Saudi and foreign medical cadres in all major and sub-specialties, through a consistent approach that guarantees the continuity of development and upgrading of services in all our hospitals.

It has also become necessary to keep pace with technological development by investing in technology systems in all our hospitals, and we started using artificial intelligence, which added more craftsmanship in achieving the best medical results and contributed to creating a unique experience for the patient and ensuring his safety, and we will continue to expand in that.

We have spared no effort in obtaining local and international accreditations in order to develop our performance and apply the best international practices. We have also taken it upon ourselves to continue obtaining the accreditation of centers of excellence in major disciplines, as we believe in quality.

As caring for the citizen and his safety is one of the most important foundations of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and improving health care is the first dimension of the eight dimensions of the National Transformation Program to preserve the safety of the citizen and the resident, as the citizen is the most precious wealth that the country possesses.


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