We, in Mouwasat Medical Services Company throughout our journey for more than four decades, have recruited the most efficient Saudi and foreign medical crews in all major and subspecialties. This approach guarantees the continuity of development of services in all our hospitals.

Being up to date with the technological development became a necessity by investing in technology systems in all our hospitals. Therefore, we started using artificial intelligence, which enhanced our professionalism to achieve the best medical outcomes and create a unique patient experience thus ensuring his safety. and we will continue to expand that based on our belief in quality, which we will achieve through implementing the best international standards.

The safety of the citizens is one of the most important foundations of the kingdom's Vision 2030. The evolution of healthcare is one of the National Transformation program dimensions to ensure citizen and resident safety because the citizen is the most valuable wealth of our country.

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Mouwasat Control & Command Center of Intensive Care Units (Tele-ICU) using Tele-Medicine and Artificial Intelligence

Keeping Up with the Development of The Projects of Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine at Mouwasat Medical Services Company.

In cooperation with Philips International Company, the first smart intensive care center was launched in the Kingdom to support intensive care units at Mouwasat hospitals (TELE-ICU), accredited by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Through a control room of an initial operating capacity of 350 beds out of 1500 beds, the new center will be gradually operated in the future. This Center is managed by a highly qualified medical team with scientific and practical experience in treating and following up critical cases.

The team of the control center, which consists of medical and nursing staff, cares for patients of intensive care unit in Mouwasat hospitals around the clock. Using artificial intelligence is adopted to follow the therapy plan developed by the therapeutic medical team, laboratory analyzes, x-ray results, vital signs, and others.

It is worth to be mentioned that all the intensive care units in all Mouwasat hospitals still have a valuable asset of consultants, specialists and nursing to provide direct service for patients and deal with the outputs of artificial intelligence received from the control center.

This aims to improve the quality of medical performance, reduce the period of patients stay in intensive care, reduce the potential medical errors and reduce the treatment cost.

The program consists mainly of audiovisual technology for communication between the control center and the intensive care units in the hospitals through an advanced system equipped with high-resolution cameras installed in the intensive care rooms of patients. In conjunction with an artificial intelligence program where all patient data is extrapolated to give priority to the most severe cases.

For this program, the latest and the most applicable medical protocols internationally have been prepared to ensure standardization of therapy plans and performance standards for all Mouwasat hospitals. It aims to unify medical care for patients and provide the best and latest therapeutic methods used globally. keeping up with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the first dimension of the eight dimensions of the National Transformation Program to ensure the safety of the citizen and resident.

Building Management System through an automatic centralized command and control center

Each hospital in all Mouwasat hospitals has been equipped with a building management system. This system will provide monitoring and control services for medical and engineering systems such as:

  • HVAC system
  • Main and backup electrical supply systems
  • Camera and surveillance systems for areas designated for specialists
  • Medical Gas Systems
  • Elevator systems
  • Water Stock Control Systems
  • Public safety and fire resistance systems

The BMS systems have been linked to a building management system in different hospitals with a central monitoring unit that uses artificial intelligence applications.

BMS and machine learning has been linked gradually starting from the end of 2020 at Al Khobar Hospital, to continue linking at the sequence of one hospital every two months.

The system monitors the following aspects:

  •  Performing all engineering systems and reporting any malfunctions.
  • Follow up on the implementation of preventive and periodic maintenance work.
  • Conducting comparative studies and recommendations regarding the provision of electrical energy.
  • Follow up on the implementation of repair maintenance work and give priorities according to the importance of technical failures.

Robotic Pharmacy

This pharmacy operates with a robot that prepares medicines through a system that links doctors' clinics to the pharmacy, according to the information contained in the health information management system database, which extract the information from the attending physician, this technology allows preventing medication errors and reduces waiting time for patients. It also monitors the safety of drug storage and dispensing in real time and gives extra time for pharmaceutical counseling.

The Robotic Pharmacy was implanted in Mouwasat Hospital Khobar & Jubail and expected to be implemented in the New Mouwasat Hospital in Knowledge City (In Al Madinah Al Munawara) during Quarter 4 of the year 2021 and will be implemented in the rest of our hospitals during the year 2022

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