Rheumatology And Rehabilitation

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Rheumatology And Rehabilitation

1.2      Typical Services, Treatment, Procedures, and Activities Performed:

1.2.1            It is the policy of the Department of Rheumatology and                                                 

Rehabilitation to provide Occupational Therapy services which include the following:-          Consultation for Rheumatic patients both Inpatients and Outpatients;          Prescription of different aids needed for ADL.       Consultation for disabling diseases associated                                                               

with:-     Locomotion system     Geriatric problems     Cardiac system     Pediatric problems     Burns     Birth injuries;     Traumatic head injuries.      Determination of the list of problems responsible for disability       Evaluation of the degree of disability       Patient/family education and counseling       Adaptations of the physical and social environment        

and the use of a therapeutic milieu       Organizing the occupational therapy program for the following occupational performances by using task oriented activities to improve:-     Independent living skills;     Work adjustment;     Educational skills;     Play/ leisure activities;     Social skills;     Evaluation and assessment;     Household activities;     Games, creative media;     Handcraft making;   Hand dexterity activities;   Orthoses and prosthesis use.       Prescription of different:-     Aids;     Appliances for ADL.       Functional Assessment:-     Qualification of activities using functional and independent measurement;     Assessment and treatment of performance components in the neuromuscular system;     Assessment and evaluation of past and current performance based on:-  Individual or group tasks;  Standardized tests;  Activity histories;  Record reviews;  Interviews.     Assessment of mobility;     Fine movement is evaluate;     Qualification of activities using Functional Independent Measures;     Muscle strength graded by carrying out manual muscle testing;     Neurophysiological studies (electro diagnosis) which will include:-  EMG;  Nerve conduction velocity;  Visual evoked potential;  Auditory sensory evoked potential;  Somatosensory evoked potential;  Myasthenia list;  Sympathetic nervous system testing;  General conductive velocity;  Intraoperative monitoring; Intra-and peri-articular local injection of steroids;     Weight control for the treatment of obesity.


Rehabilitation services: -


  • Evaluation and assessment;
  • Electrotherapy;
  • Hydrotherapy;
  • Exercise therapy;
  • Walking aids;
  • Weight reduction Program;
  • Pre-Employment Assessment for Saudi Chevron Philips.