Neurosurgery department

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Neurosurgery services

Neurosurgery services

Our department can deal and manage cases of head disorders and brain injury performing any type of surgical treatment needed.

  • ·         Craniotomy, craniotomy
  • ·         Evacuation of intracranial hematoma (intracerebral, subdural, epidural)
  • ·         Cranioplasty for cranial fractures and defects
  • ·         Placement of intraventricular catheter for decreasing intracranial pressure
  • ·         Treating hydrocephalus, clinically evaluating patients and performing CSF diversionary procedures (V-P and L-P shunts)


The department can manage Complex Spine with experience in the whole domain of spine pathology, performing all types of surgical treatment for decompressing neural structures and spine stabilization

  • ·         Micro discectomy
  • ·         Laminectomy
  • ·         Fixation using transpedicular screws, hooks, sub laminar bands, PLIF cages


Neuromodulation procedures such as epidural SCS sacral nerves stimulations as well as placing subcutaneous pumps for intrathecal administration of baclofen in spasticity.