Competitive Advantage, Future Plans and Prospects

Our hospitals are distinguished models of health care service providers with a complete line of medical services.

Competitive Advantage, Future Plans and Prospects

Future Plans

The business environment of the company has changed dramatically in recent years. This includes the establishment of new medical services through the Heart Centre and the establishment of facilities such as the National Health Insurance Plan.

The company has set up a Tube Child Centre and a Genetic Disease Centre at Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam. This was done in collaboration with Care-Fertility-UK. Pregnancy follow-up includes all relevant new technologies as well as all future reproductive and fertility developments.

To achieve its goals, the company plans to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered as part of the local health community. One of the areas where change is anticipated is the development of a stronger partnership with other institutions to introduce a community-wide health methodology that includes health facilities for all patients except ambulances so that the patient chooses any hospital he sees fit. This requires an increase in the number of doctors, nurses and other health professionals, as well as the broadening of their roles for multidisciplinary treatment.

The company's future plans include the following key goals that the company aims to achieve over the next five years:

• Provision of a full range of priority health services to the community.

• Continuation of reception and maintenance of international accreditation.

• Provision of pharmaceutical services with a regional reputation for quality.

• Expansion of its services to become the leading healthcare provider in the region.

• Institutional preparation to work in a system that completely eliminates paperwork.

• Increment of the market share of the company by 5%.

• Development of financial control.

• Recruitment and retention of qualified personnel.

Future Prospects

The company has developed ambitious plans to expand its existing facilities and the construction of new facilities as part of its strategic plan to meet all regions of the Kingdom and to meet the growing demand for health services in the Kingdom. The company looks forward to the establishment of specialised centres as required by market needs in the future.

We are always looking to expand our medical network to be closer to you. The company's management is currently studying the possibility of taking advantage of some of the opportunities available to establish medical facilities in the western part of the Kingdom to reach our customers and facilitate the delivery of our medical and health services.

To ensure the quality of our services, the company regularly carries out maintenance checks and a complete reprocessing of its medical facilities in order to keep up with the latest developments and the best of technology in modern healthcare science thus ensuring excellent customer service.

Competitive Advantages

Since the group was founded decades ago, it has believed in its ability to transform and create a new level of quality health services in the Kingdom. It has created a better image coupled with attention to detail, and set new standards for health services in the Kingdom. With the rest of the competing health care providers, it has created a competitive environment which is beneficial to citizens in terms of provision of better services at the lowest cost.

Since its establishment, the Group has been keen to reach milestones and overcome challenges in providing healthcare services. The Mouwasat Group has many competitive advantages that enable its customers to receive value that is better than that of healthcare providers. These advantages are:

Focus on strategic planning:

A comprehensive understanding of the potential of the health market in Saudi Arabia and the requirements of this market puts the company in a position of leadership. It then carefully selects the quality of the services to be provided and the timing of the introduction in accordance with the needs of the market.


Healthy profits and stable financial position:

The company enjoys a stable financial position, which positively contributes to the implementation of its strategy and helps it expand its network to cover multiple geographic regions and cities in the region thus strengthening its presence in the medical services market

Environment that is beneficial to the economy and the economy:

The Group works in an ideal environment in terms of population growth rates and an increasing demand for healthcare. Our Kingdom provides continuous support to the private sector, which encourages continuous increase in its contribution to the national economy in general and to the development of medical services standards.

 Good reputation:

The group enjoys a good reputation among the members of the community which has been built up successfully over the last three decades through provision of high quality medical services.

The broad customer base

The group has a broad base of customers through successfully winning and retaining clients over the past few decades. A list of sympathy customers is owned by Saudi Aramco since 1996. This also includes the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Saudia (Saudi Arabian Airlines), the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), all insurance companies under health insurance in the Kingdom, and many direct contracts with companies and currency sector auditors.

Advanced information systems supported by highly qualified technical and administrative staff:

The company has a state-of-the-art computer system and qualified technical staff with extensive experience in running hospitals as consistent with international standards. The team consists of people of different nationalities and of medical and administrative specialties that combine international experience with local expertise. This ensures maximum use of available resources and achieves the highest efficiency standards based on performance criteria and indicators.

Joint cooperation agreements:

The company has entered into a number of collaborative agreements with a number of international institutions, organisations, hospitals and medical centres. This has significantly impacted the excellence of the Group's hospitals' medical services by acquiring expertise and applying best practices from leading hospitals and health centres worldwide.

Continuing efforts to become an internationally recognised medical centre: 

The Group is committed to applying international standards in all its activities, and to recruiting experts and consultants for inspection and evaluation in order to receive international funding. The group has managed to obtain many international accreditations required by its network of hospitals to achieve total quality and to consistently improve services  .

Comprehensive services

The Group's hospitals and medical and specialty centres offer a broad range of medical services covering all medical specialties to provide all customers with appropriate service thus supporting the Group's ability to continuously evolve, grow and deploy

Foreign contract network:

The company has a wide network of foreign contractors covering most Arab countries, Europe, Africa and Canada. This helps to gain the best human resources for group membership.

Broad experience in the management team

Our management team has:

Advanced qualifications in the field of strategic planning and investigation of future supply and demand in the field of medical services.

Advanced skills in the management of hospitals and medical centres and guidance of vast medical facilities to ensure the quality of services provided.

Experience in the management of administrative and financial systems and information systems, which contributes to the efficiency of the management and planning of programs and operational processes and control