Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction measurement devices


To improve quality level of services provided in Mouwasat hospitals, a satisfaction measurement devices were activated to measure patient’s satisfaction for the provided services in Dammam, Jubail and Qutafi.

The advantage of this procedure to get the patient opinion and satisfaction without the interference or impact of hospital personal.

The main three points that patient can measure during using the device are:

  • Measuring the patient satisfaction for the performance of the health care crew for the provided services from the doctor’s side, nurses, X-Ray, laboratory, physiotherapy and pharmacy. As a major questions asked about waiting time, staff appearance and the way to explain information in clear way.
  • Measuring the patient satisfaction for the support services from security, reception and cleanliness.
  • Measuring the patient satisfaction for hospital environment in terms of providing a secure and safe way to gain the best health care atmosphere.

The performance Improvement department reviews and examine all comments and complains, after that the department apply a segmentation process to find best solutions. In the same time a privacy policy is applied on these information’s and direct communication is established with patients who provided the information’s through the device to maintain and improve provided services.       


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