The origin of Mouwasat dates back to 1974. The main objective was to manage and operate medical facilities which started by launching Mouwasat Dispensary in Dammam in 1975.

  • 1975

    Establishment of first Mouwasat poly-clinic in Dammam Eastern Province
  • 1979

    Mouwasat undertook the operation and management of multi-specialty clinic in the residential area of Jubail industrial city
  • 1984

    Establishment of the first Mouwasat owned comprehensive medical facility in Dammam eastern province, now known as Mouwasat Hospital Dammam
  • 1988

    Signing the treatment agreement for employees and their families of (SABIC) Corporation, as well as the company operated the distributed clinics in Jubail city for long-term contracts.
  • 1999

    Establishment of Skin Care center in Dammam
  • 2000

    Establishment of Mouwasat Dispensary in Al Ahsa and also the establishment of Mouwasat Hospital in Madinah Munawarah in the same year.
  • 2003

    The signing of management and operating agreement of running hospital in Riyadh, with a total capacity of 160 beds for eight consecutive years.
  • 2004

    A milestone in the history of Mouwasat hospital in Jubail as it achieved a utilization ratio of 80%
  • 2006

    Mouwasat acquired 51% of the Eastern Medical Services Company which owns Gulf Specialized Hospital which is known today as Mouwasat Hospital Al-Qatif. Establishment of Skin Care in Al-Khobar.
  • 2007

    Establishment of Skin Care in Al Madinah Munawarah
  • 2010

    Mouwasat Medical Services sign a cooperation agreement with Care-Fertility-UK and established an In-Vitro Fertility Center in Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam known as Mouwasat Care-fertility Center.
  • 2013

    Mouwasata Hospital in Al-Madinah has successfully achieved the accreditation of (CBAHI)
  • 2014

    Establishment of Mouwasat Hospital northeastern Riyadh city with a total capacity of 200 beds
  • 2018

    Mouwasat Hospital is in the process of establishing new Hospital branch in Al-Khobar with a total capacity of 200 beds.