Shareholders & Major Client

Our hospitals are distinguished models of health care service providers with a complete line of medical services.

Major Shareholders & Clients

Major Clients

The clients to whom Mouwasat provides healthcare services are one important element amongst its strengths. The Company provides a complete range of healthcare services to Saudi Aramco under a 5-year renewable contract. Mouwasat provides healthcare services to the clients of all insurance companies that are approved by the CCHI. Mouwasat is allocating 20% of its resources to serve walk-in patients (cash patients). Mouwasat has established its presence as a major provider of healthcare services in the Eastern Province. Since 2001, the Company has expanded its facilities to provide healthcare services to the larger population of Saudi Arabia. The Company has been providing services to a number of prominent clients, many of whom are under the insurance network, while others have contributed directly to the success of Mouwasat.

Major Shareholders

For details of company major shareholders, please refer to TADAWUL