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January 02, 2012

Mouwasat signs a cooperation agreement with "Care Fertility" – England

Mouwasat Medical Services Company would like to announce that the company has signed a co-operation agreement with "Care Fertility" in the United Kingdom to inaugurate a fertilization, embryology and infertility treatment center at Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam, KSA

It should be noted that the UK "Care Fertility" is the largest IVF center in England since 1997 and it is renowned for its high positive clinical outcomes.

The vice Chairman of the Mouwasat medical services company declared that the cost of Mouwasat “Care Fertility" center has exceeded SR 10 million and he noted that the establishment of this center is considered a quality leap in this field aiming at providing world- class medical services to the people of the eastern province in Saudi Arabia and the entire gulf states.

This agreement comes in conformity with Mouwasat mission, vision and expansion plans for development and advancement.

It is worth mentioning that Professor Simon Fishel; the director of the United Kingdom IVF "Care Fertility" center was among the first team pioneering the IVF field, this team succeeded to produce the first test-tube baby in the world, the team was headed by professor Robert Edwards who recently awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010 for his innovations and accomplishments in the realm of IVF.

The Mouwasat "Care Fertility" center consists of an operation room, outpatient clinics and highly advanced laboratory. Besides the latest medical technology, a state of art medical facility and outstanding care, the Mouwasat "Care Fertility" center is run by highly qualified and skilled international staff.