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November 30, 2016

“Complications of Diabetes Mellitus” Symposium

Continuous Education & Staff Development Department


Complications of Diabetes Mellitus symposium

On Saturday – December 17, 2016 (@ 0800H)

Mouwasat Hospital - Dammam


For Registration: Click Here!


Email the following information: (Name/Position/Specialty/SCFHS No. /Facility or Hospital/Mobile Number/Email) to: spamFreeEmailLink('mh.dammam', '',true);">

Deadline for registration is December 10, 2016

Attendance will be accepted only by confirmed e-mail due to seats limitation.


For more information:


Tel: +9663 820 0000 Ext: 2403/ 2413/2416

Fax: +9663 820 3436

Email: spamFreeEmailLink('mh.dammam', '',true);">




Kindly write “Complications of Diabetes Mellitus Symposium” and your name on the e-mail subject.