Mouwasat Hospital in Jubail


Mouwasat Hospital in Jubail was Re-accredited from April of 2012.

Contact Details

P.O. Box 10028 Jubail Industrial City
  •  +966 13 349 0000
  •  +966 13 348 6488

Director of Operations
  •  +966 13 348 1905
Marketing Department
  •  +966 13 349 0000 ext 2201; 2202; 2203

Mouwasat in Jubail started as a medical dispensary consisting of outpatient clinics and emergency room department. The dispensary was the first phase towards the hospital construction. After that Mouwasat Company decided to expand its services by adding new facilities for in patients. The project was operated & opened through the year 2004.

The long-term planning of the Company facilitated the expansion & development through taking into consideration in the basic dispensary design its potential future expansions including the possibility of being an integrated hospital capable of offering the best medical services to a wide base of Jubail citizens and that’s what happened as it included 104 beds & 36 outpatient clinic.

Out of the vision of the Mouwasat Medical Services Company in providing the highest medical standards of services and in line with the national efforts to promote health care services and with the increased population in Jubail city, The expansion of Mouwasat Hospital Jubail Industrial took place to cover a total area of 20000 squared meter after expansion whereas the inpatients wards has been increased including simple rooms, double rooms and suites having a total of 170 beds in the hospital after expansion and 4 rooms were added to the Intensive Care Unit to have 12 rooms in total, 6 rooms at the Cardiac Care unit, 5 rooms for Pediatric Care Unit and the development of an industrial medical checkup clinics and increase in the number of outpatient clinic including:            

 - Cardiology Clinics,

- Ophthalmology Department and Vision Correction Clinics,  

- ENT and Audiology Department to reach 80 outpatient clinics after expansion.

As for the diagnostic sections: 

- The Radiology Department has been expanded and additional Ultrasound   Clinics were added. 

 -  Expansion of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department and increase in the number of its treatment rooms. 

- 10 Beds in the Hemodialysis Unit.

 – Fully equipped 3 operation theaters.


The medical services at the hospital include the following basic specialties:

• General Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery Department.
• Hemodialysis Department.
• Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.
• Pediatrics Department.
• Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Department.
• Chest Diseases Department.
• Cardiology Department.
• Ophthalmology Department and Vision Refractive Clinics.
• ENT and Audiology Department.
• Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department.
• Dermatology Department.
• Urology Department.
• Orthopedic Surgery Department.
• Psychiatry Department. 
• Neurology Department.
• Rheumatology, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Department.
• Laboratory Department.
• Radiology Department.
• Emergency Department.


In line with the international trend in the field of health care, Mouwasat Medical Services Company considers to be related to a number of best health care facilities in the Middle East and beyond.
Mouwasat Hospital Industrial Jubail City is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in which its mission is to continuously improve the safety and quality of care in the international community, and this is done through the provision of educational and consulting services, accreditation and certification at the international level.
The Hospital in Jubail is also accredited by Saudi Arabia's Central Council for Accreditation of Health Care Institutions (CBAHI).