Foods That Help Burn Fat

We all know that eating whole grains is better for our overall health than eating refined carbs and that saturated and trans fats will increase the amount of fat stored on our bodies. But what about foods that help the body burn fat faster? If you need to lose a bit of weight, it’s not just a matter of eating healthy. If you can incorporate foods proven to increase your daily fat burn, you will see faster results from your weight loss efforts.

You could go out and purchase fat burning pills but you are risking your health with the chemical ingredients most of them use. The safest alternative is to feed your body what it needs to naturally burn more fat on its own!

Here are some of the best fat burning foods that are found readily in any grocery store and are easy to incorporate into your favorite meals and snacks.

This one makes it to the top of the list because it has been proven to also dull the appetite and temporary lower blood sugar, which is beneficial if you are diabetic or at risk for diabetes. A little goes a long way with cinnamon, so it can be added into dishes in small amounts where you don’t really taste it, and you will still get the health benefits.

Fresh Fruit & Berries
There is a reason the Grapefruit Diet is still around today! Adding citrus fruits, bananas, and a wide variety of berries into your diet will equip your body to lose weight and burn fat more efficiently. When berries are out of season in your area, buy them frozen without any sugar or other added ingredients. Pure orange juice is always an alternative when fresh oranges are hard to find.

Try frozen blueberries and sliced bananas in your cereal or make a morning smoothie! It’s a tasty treat even kids love.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
This is one of the few supplements (along with garlic) that is not a gimmick. Take a pure fish oil supplement every single day to speed up the metabolism and protect your heart. Garlic is helpful as well and can be taken as a supplement to avoid bad breath.

Not only is ginger proven to rev up the metabolism so you burn off more calories awhile after consumption, but it can clean out the body. Forget the harsh stimulant colon cleanses! Just work some ginger into your diet along with watery vegetables like asparagus and you will get those benefits along the way as well.

Hot Peppers
Not everyone can tolerate really hot peppers, but they literally heat up your body on the inside so your heart rate speeds up and your metabolism lifts. Try dicing up fresh hot red peppers and adding them into a salad or purchase cayenne pepper seasoning and sprinkle it over your meals.

This may not technically be a food, but you should be drinking as much of it as possible to boost metabolism and keep your body burning fat efficiently. There has been some debate over whether you need eight glasses a day or not, but drink as much as possible just for the fat burning effects and forget the rest!

There are some other foods that have the potential to help you burn fat faster, but these are the ones with guaranteed results that are easy to find, relatively affordable, and which really taste good.