Support Services Department

The Support Services department consists of three units; dietary, laundry and housekeeping. The main responsibilities of each are as follows:

Dietary Unit

  • Provide the best nutrition care to patients.
  • Educate and promote nutrition awareness.
  • Improve the patient care process continuously in a cost effective manner.
  • Educate, assess and reassess patients' needs.
  • Participate in the multidisciplinary activities (clinical rounds, discharge planning and case review).
  • Plan menu and meal evaluation.

Laundry Unit

  • Provide cleaning of hospital linens, staff uniforms, lab coats and tailoring services to meet the needs of the patients and staff;
  • Remove dirt or soiling matter from fabrics without damage.
  • Segregate the contaminated from non-contaminated linen.
  • Maintain the protection of laundry equipment.
  • Clean, handle, store and transport linen according to proper protocols to minimize contamination from surface contact or airborne deposition.
  • Ensure proper mixing and identification of cleaning solutions.
  • Render tailoring services for the linen, staff uniforms, curtains and furniture.
  • Ensure storage of cleaning solution and chemicals.
  • Ensure disinfection of linens.

Housekeeping Unit

  • Create a safe, and healthy environment surfaces which comprises walls, counters, and furniture table tops.
  • Use appropriate cleaning and disinfecting strategies for environmental surfaces in patient care areas.
  • Follow manufacturers' cleaning instructions and recommendations procedures.
  • Keep environmental surfaces (e.g. floors, walls, tables' tops) visibly clean on a regular basis or as spills occur.
  • Use a one step process and water/detergent or an Environmental Protection Agency registered hospital grade disinfectant/detergent.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces (e.g. doorknobs, bedrails, light switches, surfaces in and around toilets in patient room) on more frequent schedule.
  • Eliminate airborne transmission in operating and delivery rooms.
  • Clean ambulance cars in and out as per standard guidelines.