Purchasing Department

The main responsibilities of the Purchasing department are as follows:

  • Streamline the ordering process of supplies which will be used in the departments (e.g., Nursing, Medical, Support Services departments).
  • Allocating new non-stock items requested by any staff.
  • Control the utilization of new materials requested by medical staff by medical staff efficiently.
  • Assist new consultants (locums and permanent) by providing them all related supplies to their needs upon their specialty.
  • Provide all units with the necessary materials to assure continuity of quality care.
  • Provide staff members with the essential supplies to perform their duties.
  • Establish procedure for obtaining required materials from the warehouse outside of normal working hours and on holidays and Fridays.
  • Assist in the procurement of all necessary materials to meet the operational needs of the hospital.
  • Purchase materials from any technically qualified vendor or manufacturer.
  • Receive ordered materials from the manufacturers and record them on the computerized inventory record system and store them accordingly at optimal storage conditions with regards to temperature and humidity.
  • Provide an appropriate way to evaluate and control the stock.
  • Provide the units with an automated system for monitoring the expiry dates of the medical supplies unit, and the pre-packages supplies.