Pharmaceutical Department

The main responsibilities of the Corporate Pharmaceutical services are as follows:

  • Ensure that the pharmacy facilities provide with the required services in the setting of the hospital's commitment to keep pharmacy standards up to the high standard of quality.
  • Utilize the department's staff professional judgment and extend their responsibilities to include participation in programs with the safe handling of medication throughout Mouwasat hospitals, while working with other member of the healthcare team.
  • Participate in medication use review and patient care audits.
  • Provide safe and effective use of medicines in Mouwasat hospitals.
  • Ensure the department's staff legitimate role in each step of medication management in Mouwasat hospitals, which includes the promotion of rational therapeutics and improvement of pharmaceutical care.
  • Implement clinical intervention program and redefine the role of pharmacists in minimizing preventable adverse drug events and applying cost-effective drug therapy.
  • Facilitate the planning process of dispensing drugs through patient and family counseling to explain safe medication storage and use.