Information System Modules

Administrative & Personnel Modules

The administrative and personnel modules consist of system setup & security, personnel records, payroll system, staff scheduling and checklists modules.

Financial Modules

The financial modules consist of patient order processing (billing), patient contracts, stores/ inventory management, purchasing, patient account, accounts payables, cash book, general ledger, budget and fixed assets modules.

Patient Modules

The patient modules consist of patient master index, medical records, accident and emergency, clinics/outpatient department scheduling, in-patient management and planned admission modules. Doctor desktop and dietary modules implementation is currently in process.

Departmental Modules

Apart from the above modules, the departmental modules ensure independent modules for departments like radiology, pharmacy, operating room, delivery room, endoscopy, laboratory and biomedical maintenance modules.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Over time, IT services have become critical to performing the mission of Mouwasat. As a result of this ever-increasing reliance on technology, IT services require a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to assure these services can be re-established quickly and completely in event of a disaster. The primary objective of the Company's disaster recovery plan is to help ensure Mouwasat business continuity by providing the ability to successfully recover computer services in the event of a disaster.

The disaster recovery action plan is composed of a number of sections that document resources and procedures to be used in the event of a disaster affecting computing and networking services. Each supported computing platform has a section containing specific recovery procedures. Systems are regularly backed up on a seven days schedule Saturday thru Friday. Backups are a daily procedure and the backup data will be stored in a disaster proof location to recover in case a disaster happens.

Mouwasat is currently using one of Oracle's most stable and advanced backup procedure called Recovery Manager (RMAN) as a primary backup and secondary backup system (export utility).