Human Resources Department

The main responsibilities of the Human Resources department are as follows:

  • Recruit qualified, well-trained, and experienced medical, nursing, paramedical and administrative staff.
  • Develop job description for all categories which are reviewed periodically.
  • Develop and maintain a decentralized staff scheduling system.
  • Establish a communication system based upon the organizational chart reporting relationship.
  • Ensure that hospital rules and procedures are circulated to all new members through an orientation program.
  • Conduct periodic performance evaluation through head of departments with main focus on strengths and weaknesses of employees.
  • Maintain a record and conduct 90-days probationary evaluation (performance appraisal).
  • Perform authentication by contacting individuals, authorities and institutions in order to be able to ensure the authenticity of the submitted certificates and testimonials.
  • Ensure that all the medical nursing staff are properly licensed to practice their duties.
  • Ensure compliance with Saudization requirements as stipulated by respective governmental bodies.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the employee's personnel data using OASIS Personnel Module and Mouwasat policy and procedure.
  • Prepare and maintain salary tables.